Sooji Roaster | suji roaster machine


The Sooji Roaster Machine is a Multipurpose machine, used for roasting, reduction of Moisture contents from various types of Powders, Flours, Seeds, Granules, Pulses, Semi paste, & Gravy type products.
keeping the heating system Off the same machine can be used as a blender for blending, mixing various components, and by adding a separate spraying system the machine can also be used for adding small quantum of Powders for adding Colours, Concentrates, and Liquids for adding Essences, flavours, proteins etc.

The sooji roaster machine can be used for roasting Semolina (Sooji, Rava), various types of Flours like BESAN Wheat, etc. and for preparation of Premix, Snacks foods such as UPMA / GULABJAMUN / DHOKLA / IDLI premix etc.

The SUJI Roasting machine can be used for heating of sweet oil, and deep frying of components such as Dhaniya, Mustered, Ground nuts, Mirchi, Kadipatta etc. for preparation of CHIWDA / Bhadang type dry snack food.