besan roasting machine


Besan Roasting Machine offered can be made available by us in different finish configurations so as to perfectly match up with the specific process requirements of the customers. These find use in meeting the demands of food processing needs and meet the demands of blending and roasting system.

Some of its features include:

Provide idle support for blending/roasting as well as for removing moisture content of roasted products Allows for easy material handling Meets demands of hygienic contamination free food grade products Offering homogeneous mixing Offering improved the hygienic condition. BESAN ROASTING MACHINE

Besan manufacturing process

  • Dal Making - mini dal mills is use for making carrying different processes cleaning and grading, pitting, pre-treatment with oil & water, conditioning, de- husking & splitting.
  • Cleaning - Eliminate pebbles, broken grains and other impurities from Gr
  • Conditioning - Based on physical properties of gram dal, remove other coloured gram halves. Water content, if any, should be removed by sun-drying to maintain minimum 12 to 14% moisture.
  • Milling ( Grinding ) - The gradual milling system should be adopted for milling and operation consists of breaking, scalping and purification, reduction and dressing.