Chili Roaster Machine


Chili roaster machine usage is not only limited to roasting Chili it can roast all other spices with the same ease.
It is always advisable to roast the crushed chili compared to the whole chili in order to get fine roasting results.
The moisture contents in the product are basically removed by using the indirect heating and roasting process. This helps in retaining the aroma of the product without impacting the texture and color of the product and further improving the self life.

Chili roaster machine is mainly used for the roasting of chilli , sesame , peanuts , beans , coffee beans , seasoning seeds , nuts , nuts and grilled hot products , rotary drum , thermal conductivity , heat radiation principle . Can be used in various ways as a heat source, pure flavor of baked goods. Energy security, health convenient, easy to operate , and other advantages.

The indirect heating of the product is accomplished when the outer jacket which is fitted with electrical oil heaters immersed in special oil is switched on. Digital temperature controller is provided to control the heating temperature and provide desired results. Recommended roasting temperatures are within the range of 120–180 Degree Celsius.

In order to achieve fine quality temperatures should be controlled consistently. The chili roasters machine can be availed in 22 Ltrs size to upto 5000 Ltrs. We are flexible to fabricate even higher capacity roasters based on customer requirements.