blending machine


Blending Machine is a process that can be carried out numerous times within a manufacturing process when new excipients need to be added to the blend.

Blending Machine of powders is a crucial step in the production of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms. The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is often a powder that is blended with other powders (excipients) in order to produce tablets. The blending efficiency is influenced by several external factors, such as the desired degree of homogeneity and the required blending time, which mainly depend on the properties of the blended materials and on the geometry of the blender.

Blending Machine include an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and numerous excipients which include fillers, binders, lubricants or disintegrates to name a few. Blending is a process which mixes the API and excipients to ensure there is a homogeneous mixture of all the ingredients for each manufacturing process. The blending process critical process parameters are identified as blender speed and blend time.


  • Chemical resistant
  • Self adjusting sealing
  • Powerful bearings
  • Minimal maintenance required