Flax Seed Roasters


Apart from roasting flax seeds, these flax seed roasters are also in full blown use for roasting all other spices like Coriander, Fenugreek, Fennel (Saunf), Bay leaf, Cinnamon leaf, Cumin (Jeera), Sesame, Chilli and many more.
The process of flax roasting machine is approved ensuring that the moisture content is removed from the product to boost aroma and self-life. Like other roasters, these are also batch-type devices which have a comprehensive package with a process chamber, system which heat, drive unit and a pre-wired control panel. They can be used to roast food grains, semi-paste and gravy items.The high heat of 250 Degree Celsius is controlled through a digital controller for temperature. This indirect heat from oil immersed heaters is the source for the roasting mechanism. .

Consistency in Quality is achieved from Constant temperature with constant time

This flax seed roasters ensures the simple procedure of roasting which makes sure that every particle gets properly roasted when it comes in contact with the heating device. This ensures perfect roasting/blending grades.
These flax seed roasters come in varied construction types and extensive capacity till 5000 litres. Further higher capacity models can be designed with the customers by seeking their needs and end use