Fennel Seed Roasters


Having complete knowledge of the domain, we manufacture and supply a wide range of Fennel Seed Roasters. Widely used in food processing industry, these seed roasters are manufactured in compliance with predefined industry standards. Examined on various stern parameters, their auto temperature setting and uniform mixing brings consistency in quality and increase in production. The roasting process also helps in removing moisture contents and restrains the bacteria growth. Besides, these Fennel Seed Roasters also helps in increasing the shelf life of the product
Along with roasting the fennel seeds, these high end Fennel seed roasters are also available for roasting various other spice ingredients like Coriander, Fenugreek seeds, Bay leaf or Cinnamon leaf (Tej Patta), Cumin (Jeera), Sesame, Chilli etc. .


Varied types of seeds, grains, seeds, semi pastes and gravy type spices can be roasted through these roasters. A specific type of heating oil is heated with electrically operated oil heaters which are immersed in the oil. Spices are roasted when they come in contact to the jacket which is filled with special oil. The heating temperatures in these roasters can go as high as 250 Deg. C and can be easily controlled through a digital temperature controlle

Constant temperature and time ensures uniformity in Quality:

This Roaster utilizes simple opposing-flow mechanism. It provides the finest roasting/blending grades since every particle comes in equal contact with heating jacket and gets evenly roasted. These spice roasters are offered in either complete stainless steel body or partial stainless steel contact parts depending on the needs. The capacity also varies from 22-5000 Litres.