Sesame Roaster Machine


This Sesame Roaster Machine is a multi-purpose machine used for different process applications like roasting, reducing moisture contents, increasing products self life, etc. It is fine for various types of Seeds, Pulses, Granules, Powders, Flours, and Gravy type products etc.By keeping the machine heating system Off, it is utilized for blending and mixing various components. Also by adding a dedicated spraying system, the machine can be utilized for adding small quantity of Concentrates, Powders for adding colours, and Liquids for adding essences, proteins, flavours, etc.

Sesame Roasting Process:

The machine uses rotary drum type, electric heating (gas heating) as heat source, heat conduction and radiation principle, hot air as drying medium, and heat energy is applied to the baked object. During the sesame drying process, the sesame nut is continuously pushed and turned in the cage by the propulsion device, forming uninterrupted full-angle heating. The heating is uniform and the baking quality is effectively guaranteed.

Sesame Roaster Machine Features & Benefits:

GMP Model: Absolute Stainless Steel Construction.
Standard Model: Mild Steel Non contact parts & Stainless Steel contact parts.
Size Range: 100 Ltrs. to 5000 Ltrs.
Machines with higher capacity available as per customer demands.