Cereals Roasting Machine


The Cereals Roasting Machine, designed by us, is known in the market as a Multipurpose machine ultimate for roasting and reduction of varied types of Moisture contents. The machine is used for increasing the life of products such as Seeds, Granules, Pulses, Powders, Flours, Semi paste, as well as Gravy type products for Baby foods, Fortified Nutritious foods, etc.
Normally in Cereals Roasting Machine, the indirect heating is attained employing Electrically operated oil immersed heater with special purpose heating oil. The heating temperature can be controlled using digital temperature controller. The temperature can be reached up to 250 Deg. C.
In case of higher batch capacity machine, the heating can be attained using Thermic fluid heaters, low grade coal or any other fuel such as agricultural / Bio waste, Paddy husk, Fire wood, Bagasse, and so on.

The Prime Advantages of our Cereals Roasting Machine

In addition to roasting, the Machine is also used for: