Maida Roasting Machine


The advanced technology Maida Roasting Machine, offered by us, is designed for roasting. The machine is also designed for reduction of different Moisture contents, boosting self-life of products like Powders, Pulses, Semi paste, Flours, Seeds, Granules, & Gravy type products for preparing premixes, snacks foods as well as FMCG.
This machine attains the indirect heating by Electrically operated oil immersed heaters and special purpose heating oil. The maximum temperature can be achieved up to 250 Deg. C with digital temperature controller.
When it comes to higher batch capacity machine, the heating can be done using Thermic fluid heaters, low grade coal or fuels like Bagasse, agricultural / Bio waste Paddy husk, Fire wood, and so on. .

Offered machines can be introduced effectively and require less support. These proficient maida roasting machines can be redone to get states of your decision. The hot roasted products can be cooled to 45-40 Deg. C through cooling water circulating jacket along with the cooling tower, especially for inline product systems, such as ready to cook items.

The major Advantages of our Maida Roasting Machine: :

The machines are designed exactly as per the needs of the clients. From Full Stainless Steel body (GMP MODEL), to Stainless Steel contact part to mild Steel Non contact parts with Enamel / Epoxy paints (STANDARD MODEL) are available with us.
In addition, they are also designed from 50 Ltrs. To 5000 Ltrs. sizes. The higher capacity machines are designed keeping mind the requirements of the clients.