Coriander Roaster Machine


The use of the Coriander Roaster Machine is not just limited to Coriander Roasting we can also roast few other type of spices ingredients as well e.g. Fenugreek seeds, Fennel (Saunf), Bay leaf/Cinnamon leaf (Tej Patta), Cumin (Jeera), Sesame etc.
The roasting process helps to remove moisture contents from Coriander Roaster which helps in restraining the bacteria growth and further increasing the self life of the product. The indirect heating mechanism of these roasters also aids to retain the natural aroma of Coriander.
A specific type of heating oil is heated with electrically operated oil heaters which are immersed in the oil. Corianders are roasted when they come in contact to the jacket which is filled with special oil. The heating temperatures in these roasters can go as high as 250 Deg. C and can be easily controlled through a digital temperature controller.

They are available in multiple sizes based on customer requirement with starting from 75 Ltrs to 5000 Ltrs. We use exclusively designed Spiral ribbons enforcing three dimensional actions, this helps in getting each particle in contact with the heating zone consistently and to provide great quality of roasting results. Our valued customers have the flexibility of getting these roasters made either in full stainless steel construction (GMP-Model) or having only contact parts made in stainless steel and non contact parts can be tailored made in mild steel with Enamel/Epoxy paint (Standard-Model). Coriander Roaster machine manufacturers in India.